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Blue Agate Crystal and YouTube - Testimony

I have been recording videos on YouTube for about ten years now. They are mostly video blogs about my life and spirituality/ spiritual topics. When I first got my Blue Agate crystal necklace, I was struggling with my Urban Awakenings channel on YouTube. I knew it needed a makeover but, I didn’t know where to start. 

Luckily, for me, my Blue Agate crystal provided a help that I didn’t not anticipate. It is blue in color so it relates to the throat Chakra. That is the Chakra that governs communication. Coincidence? I think not. The Universe sends you help right when you need it. I cleansed my crystal, blessed it with intention, and put it around my neck.

The first thing I noticed was a calm that descended into my spirit. Wow, I thought. It provided more clarity and grounding as I began to meditate on what I should do next. I was, unusually, cheerful after I had worn the tree slice looking gem for a couple of days. I was even sleeping better.

The stress and the anxiety over my YouTube channel were melting away day and day. Finally, it hit me! The revamp I needed was not for the YouTube channel at all. It was for me! I needed to go back to the training I received when I was a minister and apply those principles to my YouTube channel. I always prepared my subjects for my sermons with an outline of what I wanted to talk about.

Then, I received the confirmation from the Universe that I was on the right track. I was watching a YouTube blogger named, Funky Dineva and he mentioned something about writing notes.

Thank you, Universe! I had it from there. I, now, had a clear picture of the path I was supposed to take moving forward. Can I give Blue Agate all the credit? No, but it definitely deserves some of the credit.

Namaste, Homies!!!   

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