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God Grant Me….

The Serenity Prayer (short version)

To be honest, I used to think this prayer was only for drug users and alcoholics. I know. I watch too much tv. Sounds crazy but they were the people actually reciting the prayer. I’m clueless as to where prayer originated by the way. Growing up, my aunt, had a plaque with The Serenity Prayer etched onto it. It sat on her beside side table like a constant reminder, however, there was never any mention of this prayer, at home or at church.

The words have always spoken to me but, up until recently, I was always leery of that particular prayer? Why? Maybe, it was because it was too simple; three small lines. No prayer should be that simple. Traditionally, prayers have always been lengthy, detailed and intricate. They go on and on with the "thank yous"and the "bless so and so" and the "we need you right now". Church girl here - born and raised. I know how to pray. I know how to pray correctly and that ain't it.

Humans always get caught up with the "supposed tos". They are our own personal Achilles heels. We place ourselves in limited boxes because of the unseen self-imposed judgement if we don't live up to our self-made "supposed to” standard. Success is at the end of the "supposed to", right? We feel pride and satisfaction when a "supposed to" goal is accomplished.

Then what?

What happens next you ask?

We become unsatisfied in another area and turn our focus towards this new problem or issue. Happiness is only the temporary feelings between the “supposed to" hamster wheel.

So, what happens when you can't live up to the goal you have set for yourself? I am supposed to make X amount of money, have X career, be married by this age, live in this neighborhood and drive this kind of car, right? That’s what society says. So, we place our feelings of self-worth on the achievement all of these external possessions because we’ve been conditioned to do so. Inside, we are still miserable, depressed, anxious and traumatized. Still searching for the next goal and the next shot of pleasure like a drug addict searching for his next score.

We judge ourselves so much more harshly than an unconditionally loving God could ever. It’s usually a secret though.

Let’s apply the Serenity Prayer to this aforementioned issue.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change is probably the best thing to ask for. This statement is grounded in faith. It is really saying, God teach me how to trust you after I have tried everything and I cannot fix it. Teach me how to be patience and peaceful in the promise that I will always be taken care of, even when it looks like I'm up shit’s creek. Teach me had to say, “It’s all up to you. I'm not going to stress about it.” Teach me how to let things go and move one.

The courage to change the things I can is all about motivation. Sometimes, we get mentally stuck and comfortable in our surroundings. Sometimes, we get stuck in a certain pattern of thinking or beliefs. We forget that anything is possible. We forget where there is a will there is a way. Will and determination allow manifested matter to exist. You WILL the creation into existence with your thoughts, plans and actions. Fear of failure and rejection paralyze the most brilliant of ideas and cause them to wither and die.

You cannot have wisdom without experience. Sometimes making choices leads to the awareness of bad decisions. The ability to know good decisions from bad is wisdom. Sometimes, you have to touch the fire to know if it's hot. Instead of saying, "Man, I should have never touched that fire. I knew it was hot." try crediting yourself with new knowledge of the heat. Now, you know the temperature and you will be equipped with a better response if the situation arises. Now, you have the wisdom to know the difference. If you don't learn from your mistakes, you will repeat them. Pay attention to life, learn from it. Life is woven with the intelligence of God by design. It will teach you everything you need to know.

Love and light, Aisha

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