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Spirit Guides

Hey, soul siblings! 👋🏼

How did you meet your spirit guides?

Do you know what they look like?

We tend to brush off mind images as imagination but both are on in the same!

How do you know it’s from your guides and not from yourself?

For me, it comes out of nowhere! A brain dump!

A different subject entirely from what I was just thinking.

Or if I hear a voice it speaks to me in 3rd person, while my thoughts are in 1st person.

I have had guides come and go but, two have remained consistent since I first became aware of them. The third has been around for about 3 years.

David is the first, very tall, over six feet, very pale, blond haired, very quiet. He has a protective, nonjudgmental energy. Always hovering and watching. He came to me in a dream about ten years ago.

Myrna is the talker. Very sweet and sometimes sarcastic. She is short, petite and when I see her image in my mind, she’s middle eastern.

Symphony is not human. She’s an energy field that is as flimsy as the wind. I named her Symphony with her permission because, she tends to communicate through musical synchronizatios and songs that play in my head like a radio is inside my head. I tell people that Symphony reminds me of a offshoot of the Holy Spirit the way she has a formless, ever changing form.

How do I know they exist beyond what I can see? I just do. 10 years, I’ve asked questions, I’ve asked for signs. It’s a personal knowing.

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