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We Are Not Our Ancestors

don’t find fault in the “we are not our ancestors” quote.

Some people take it as disregarding our ancestors, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think that the way the world was structured 50, 100, 150 years ago was quite different. There was a lot more ability to commit crimes against people of color without consequence. So that’s what people did. Our people had to be in survival mode at all times. At times, that meant backing down when disrespected.

I’m not saying that our ancestors did not fight back at all, it is very evident that they fought. We honor, respect them and want to continue in their footsteps because the fight is far from over.

I think when people say we are not our ancestors, it’s the same as mamas saying, “I’m not one of your little friends.” I think it means that we are quick to throw hands, and that other races, when they try to get out of their body, are more likely to catch these hands.

We know that in the past, when we were call racial slurs during the civil rights movement, the contingency was to let them beat us, kick us, spit on us, and our ancestors stood their ground to desegregate certain areas. That gratitude is eternal. If it were not for their battles, we would not be here.

So, I’m conclusion, when we say, “we are not our ancestors “, what we are trying to say is even though Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his movement advocated for peace through nonviolence, we want all the smoke. 💨

We are not our ancestors is not an insult. They started fighting for respect and as much as it is a shame this problem still exist, we will continue the fight. Thank you to our Ancestors for paving the way, everybody grab a chair! (I’m kidding)

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