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Handmade crystal turtles:

Green Aventurine promotes confidence strength and happiness. Good luck and good fortune have been known to increase with the usage of this crystal.

Blue Calcite is a mind activator and helps one channel their own unique psychic abilities that aid one in elevating their consciousness

Use this crystal with meditation. This allows one to more easily “slip” out of their physical body and ascend to higher vibrations. This is a place where you can absorb endless amounts of knowledge about yourself and where you're going. Keep this stone by your bed side for an enhanced perspective of your dreams, as well as an additional power source to aid in lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Lapis Lazuli enhances communicative abilities between the mind, throat, and heart. The energy of this crystal promotes heightened intellect, inner vision, and an expanded mental capacity.

Black Onyx is a stone of power and protection. It is a powerful amulet against negative energy. Use for focus, strength, and will power.

Clear Quartz is known as the master healer crystal. It is a spiritual amplifier and a cleanser. Clear quartz is a multipurpose crystal- it can be used for whatever is needed.

Crystal Turtles

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