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Being At Peace vs. Being Right

I saw a post yesterday that said my biggest problem is i cant let shit slide. I just have to say something.

For what? Why waste your energy? Nine times out of ten they know what they said or they know what they did. You aren’t bringing light to a new situation and you aren’t changing them. They will do it again in some capacity.

I’m not talking about disrespect. That’s different, I’m talking about a persons character. If the behavior portrayed is a fundamental habit, your not liking it is not going to change them.

True, some things are so important that we can’t let them slide but you have to pick your battles.

Ask yourself which is more important: Being at peace or being right? If you choose being right you continue to suffer every time someone does something you don’t like.

If you choose peace you are not concerned with how you look to the person. You know that feeling the need to “check” someone and their actions is an ego response based in the fear of not being in control. You understand that your own inner peace is your most important priority on your spiritual journey.

Congratulations, you are maturing.


Aisha the Goddess

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