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Can't Do Nothing With A Broke Man

Here’s my response:

25 year old-me would have said this.

42 year old-me is not with the shits.  Nope, not at all.

First of all, are you sick?

Second of all, are you mentally challenged?

How do you expect for me to be cool with that statement and I am not broke. Dear sir, that is called being unequally yoked.

As a mother, it is my job to make sure I am not broke. There are people depending on me for their survival. I took a parental vow to look out for, protect and provide for these little souls I call my children.

As a man who wants a wife, (because if you don’t want a wife there’s no sense in messing with me in the first place), you are taking a vow to look out for, protect and provide for you wife and family. How you gon’ do that and you broke???

I can not respect that. I can respect I’m struggling right now. I can respect my funds are low for the moment but just to come out and say you are broke puts me in the mind frame that your ass is lazy… I don’t have respect for a lazy man. How you gon’ take care of me and you can’t take care of yourself? What if I get hit by a bus? I’m just saying….

It’s not about the money either, it’s about the motivation; the grind. Two fast food full time jobs would suffice. It’s about the self-motivation. If you present yourself to me with the phrase, “I’m broke,” and you think that’s okay, I’m going to wonder about your character traits…

Are you the type of my that will take advantage of MY work ethic?

I have soooo many questions.

I need answers…

How long have you been broke? How comfortable are you with your current broke ass situation?

I understand circumstances and I can honestly say I am not after you because of your money, because, I’m not. But, you have to match what I bring to the table if you want of future with me. And you have to match it now because I am too old to be waiting on someone to catch up to me. I need someone with a foundation just as strong as my foundation.

Because, that is what we are building upon: our foundation. We are moving forward. To quote the famous James Brown, from the movie, Get On Up, “You got to go forward, cuz if you ain’t going forward, you going backwards, and if you going backwards, then you ain’t moving, and if you ain’t moving, you dead.”

Peace and Love,

- Aisha The Goddess

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