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What The Heck Is Florida Water?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Ok, so what the heck is Florida Water and what does it do anyway?

Boy, am I glad you asked!

Originating in the South of France and Italy, Florida Water was shipped to New Orleans with other popular perfumes in the 1900’s.

It has been used as an aftershave and a cologne but began to make its way into spiritual rituals by South American and Caribbean cultures. It solidified its roots in Hoodoo.

Florida Water was made even more popular by South American Shamans who believed the plant spirits of the Amazon loved sweet smelling perfumes. They used it as protection from malevolent spirits. When you see the videos of Shamans drinking a concoction and then blowing it out of their mouths into a fire, that is Florida water in that mixture among other ingredients.

In Hoodoo, Florida Water was and is used in spiritual cleansing and home protection customs and that practice gradually intermeshed with other forms of spirituality and religion but the base purpose has always remained the same.

It can remove negative energy from items, places and auras. As it cleanses whatever it is purposed to, it purifies, repels negativity and attracts good juju. Florida Water is a trifecta!

You can add it to cleaning products, mop water, dusting towels and things of that nature to purify your house. Pendulums can be cleaned to clear them of energy for the next reading. It can also be added to your laundry to cleanse and bless your clothes.

It can be presented on an altar as a gift to your ancestors. Florida water can be one additive to a spell or ritual. You can clean and bless candles on your altar with it as well. Speaking of altars, it can also be used to clean altars. Altars accumulate lingering energy because of the concentration of energy in one area.

Florida water can help with nightmares. Launder your bed sheets and add a cup to the washing cycle water. Your dreams will become sweeter and more positive. It can enhance dream work if put in a crystal bowl with spring water next to or under the bed

It can also be used on your person and that is a plus because it smells great. You can use it as an aura cleanser. It can be put in bath water or misted in the air. One of my favorite rituals to do with Florida Water is a complete aura cleanse: Starting at the top of the head and apply a light coating all the way down to the soles of the feet. This can be done with or without clothes on. This removes any attached lower vibrating energies from your aura and any unwanted attachments picked up during the day.

This is especially beneficial for work spaces where sage would be inappropriate. Like any spiritual tool, the power is in the belief. Magic only works if you believe in magic. So, give the Florida Water a try so you, too, can experience its alchemic power!

Namaste Homies,

Aisha the Goddess

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