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Dimensions: An Overview

This is truth at its rawest form. Everything is an extension of one consciousness. That consciousness is dividing itself infinitely. All we see is what is in the third dimension on Planet Earth but there are infinite dimensions and infinite parallel universes in those dimensions.

The 1st dimension is love frequency. This is where the “I Am” lives. The 2nd dimensions represents duality and is home to the astral plane and the reality grid. The third dimension is energy materializing as matter. the 4th dimension is time/space (the bridge between the third dimension and the fifth dimension) The fifth is light/information. It is made up of energetic frequencies that materialize as light. The 6th dimension structures the hexagon cube that actually creates the third dimension through sacred geometry. These are where the building blocks of the local universe exist. You can see it in the sacred geometric patterns in nature. The 7th dimension is where higher self programs reside, along with angels, demons, and ascended masters. We call this dimension “Heaven”. The 8th dimension is also a portal which connects back to the singular consciousness through the Akashic records.

This is all encoded inside of us, each chakra is a gate to these dimensions when they are utilized correctly.

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