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Don't Listen To The White Noise

I was talking with a friend and we were talking about financial difficulties. She made the comment about "white noise". How you can get so obsessed with the white noise in your brain that you find yourself tuning everything else out. The white noise is negative brain chatter. 

What’s starts as “damn, how am I going to pay my rent?” morphs into different scenarios of negative outcomes, different scrambling to find a solution and the emotions that come along with it: negativity, pain, anxiety and frustration.

Listening to the white noise creates stress and the unfortunate part is our brains are wired to do this because we have to worry about our survival or the species, as a whole, would die out.

So how do you not listen to the white noise? Luckily, for us, we have a conscious over-ride system called the temporal lobe.

You need to create a distraction because if you feed a negative situation with negative emotion you are going to just get more of a negative situation.

Visualize what you want, not what you don’t want. Set your intention on what you want and then let it go. I call this, “putting it on the altar”. A preacher once said, “You cannot give a problem to God, put it on the altar and then take it back off again.”

You cannot tell God to handle it and then don’t trust the situation to be handled and then handle it yourself because if it doesn’t work how stupid do you look. Then you’ll be looking up, asking God, “Why?” What went wrong?

You have to allow time and space for the spirit world/angels to do their thing. You do your thing, whatever that is. Prime example: let’s say you are looking for a job. Your job is to put in the applications and go on the interviews. That’s the “works” part of the phrase - Faith without works is dead. By all means, do the work.

But in the manifestation process, the rhythm cycle is the one that gets broken the most. The rhythm cycle is the repetition of concentration. It is the focus on the desires manifestation until it is a tangible thing. It’s the last law, so much so that the Elohim switched - peace - to last but kept it at number six in the seven laws of precipitation by Peter Melchizedek. It’s the churning of the butter in the spirit world that we interrupt by our thoughts and our actions due to lack of patience and worry.

Example, we are impatient to see the manifestation from the job hunt so we say, “I’m going to move back home because my rent is behind”, and “maybe the whole thing was a bad idea”, or, “I’m just going to stay at my old job.” We didn’t give the cycle a chance to finish.

There is a picture that shows two people in a tunnel, digging. One man gives up and walks away because it seems like he had been digging forever. What he couldn’t see is he was this close to breaking through to the other side. He left the process when it was almost finished.

The white noise was in his head and he fed into it. “Oh, this is so hard. Oh, my back hurts. Oh, there is no end to this tunnel. They lied to me.” He psyched himself out his dream manifested.

The sixth step that is the last place, according to the law of precipitation and manifestation is Peace. You have to have peace with whatever is going to unfold.

There is a gospel song by Donnie McClurkin that goes, “After your done all you can, you just stand.” Ok, you had your faith, you’ve had your works. Now it’s time to leave it at the altar and don’t look back.

You, now, have to detach yourself to the outcome. So, whatever which way it ends up, you are fine with. This is the hardest and scariest part because our ego controls are desires, likes and dislikes. If we are faced with an outcome that we don’t like we tend to react negatively. I’m going to tell you the reason why this is bad. Staying at peace and not attaching yourself to the outcome allows the energy to come in to fix the problem. Once your desire is out there, it is out there.

Remember, the Universe doesn’t hear words, it hears frequencies and it matches you up with the vibrational frequency you put out. What you deem negative, the Universe will send you more of. This is the law of attraction so staying at peace opens you up to a whole other realm of possibilities.

Going with the flow allows you to go where you are supposed to go instead of where you want to go. If you say, “God’s will be done”, here is your opportunity to put your life where your mouth is.

To give an example of how this works: I moved to a different state and needed a job. The jobs that were coming did not fit with my life. I kept praying and kept applying. I, eventually, got a job. The second day of employment I lost the job. (How I lost it is a whole other story). I had to start all over. My savings was dwindling fast. I not only felt the pressure of the responsibility of myself, but of caring for five other people. I did not listen to the white noise, however.

How did i get through it without having a nervous breakdown? What to do about anxiety? Breathe through it. Know it is a natural reaction to uncomfortable situations. Deep breaths can help through any situation.

How do you stop mind chatter? Distract yourself. The song that played in my head was Blessed and Highly Favored by the Clark Sisters. It played in my head as a proxy for the white noise. Focus on the positive as best as you can. I have found music is an excellent distraction.

Try it and see what happens.  

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