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Feelings Have Frequencies

All situations are fundamentally neutral. You give them meaning ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. When you assign a ‘meaning’ you invite that reality.” The Essassani.

This is what the phrase: You create your reality, looks like broken down.

You create your reality is one of those phrases, either you completely get it, or you don’t get it at all.

Reality is what it is. Energy flows. Sh*t happens. This energy is both directed and undirected. Meaning: sometimes sh*t is going to happen no matter what you are do or think about. This is fact.

But, then it is YOU who decides what type of sh*t just happened. You attain this theory based off of what you consider to be good and what you consider to be bad. This is pre-disposed knowledge that you have acquired from past experiences, beliefs and conditioning from you environment, authoritative figures, you peers and society.

A situation is only ‘bad’ because you have given it that label. That presents a problem because the Universe doesn’t speak English, it speaks frequency.

When you label a bad thing a bad thing you invite that frequency into your reality.

Let’s explore this.

So now, a bad thing has happened. You use your emotions to identify with the bad thing. You are angry, you are sad, or you are frustrated. Your emotions are in alignment with the negativity associated with the bad thing.

This is what the universe recognizes. It picks up on this signal as if this is what you more of. Even if you are literally saying, “Oh, God, I don’t want this bad thing to happen.” Your energy is still focusing on this bad thing. You are feeding your vibration this focal point. The Universe will send you more of what you are focusing on.

This is the Secret. This is the Law of Attraction.

I know I know. It is extremely difficult to be happy about something you’ve already labeled as negative. It’s hard to change a core belief.

This is why Abraham Hicks teaches us to go neutral. You can find their lectures on Youtube. They tell us to not give the thing a label. Switch the focus to an observation. “Hmmmmm, this thing happened….very interesting.” Be sure you have your pipe in your hand, squint one eyebrow, arch the other and look out of one eye glass when you do this. LOL. Just kidding.

Don’t give it a label period. Just be the observer. Do you know why? Because SH*T happens! And sh*t is going to happen anyway so why invite even more of it to happen?

If have had a visible hard or a seemingly negative life you can turn it around by changing how you look at life and how you label your life’s events.

Change your thoughts, change your life.

Namaste’ Fam,

- Aisha The Goddess

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