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Gratitude is the Best Attitiude

Those that know me, know I move around a lot.

I started to list how many times I have moved but, I changed my mind. Let me just say it's been over 10 times as an adult. Trust me when i say it's a lot.

My family moved from Las Vegas, in the past year, back to Chicago, and ironically enough, back to the apartment I was living in when I met my wife 21 years aog. The recent experience was completely different from the past experience, to say the least. Even more ironic is the fact that we had a different set of kids staying with us. We raised three kids in that dwelling space years ago and now, we have done the same exact thing.

The first thing we said was, "I don't remember this place being this small!" I personally think that the twenty years in between our stays had a negative effect on our body circumference so now, the place was smaller because we're bigger. Mine is baby weight...I can't speak for her but pushing out five babies made me a plus sized princess. I'll lose it one day....or not...

Adults accumulate STUFF, as well. That just comes with age. Twenty years ago, we were just starting our adulthood journey. Now, we own grown up appliances like an air fryer. Then, on top of everything we are the proud dog parents of two extra large breeds. We crammed in that capacity and made the best out of it for a year.

We moved again recently and have been out of the city limits for one month. Suburban life is the life for me. I am thoroughly convinced. Give me some trees, some bike trails, and a few ponds and I am in heaven.

Our new house is a blessing. It's more space, less noise and it is perfect for my family. I saw how oppurtunities and doors opened up out of nowhere. My house is a result of the power of manifestion matching the Divine Creator's energy. Even still, I would like to take this Sunday afternoon to acknowledge in written form, the magnitude of blessings in my life by the Creator. Something as small as 'I have two large bottles of detergent so I won't run out' is a blessing so great that I am moved to tears. It's not even the big things. It's the little things.

My children are comfortable. I can go buy them food if I don't feel like cooking and can spend a little extra to make sure the meal is healthish. That's a big deal to me.

Twenty years ago, while in that undersized kitchen our diet consists mostly of polishes, fries and pizza puffs. We've come a long way.

I am so grateful for that right at this very minute. I undoubtedly know there is an intelligent unseen force that listens to me whether I say things out loud or think them internally. I see the benefit of being genuinely good natured and the power of the law of attraction in accordance with it.

I am tryin to figure how to properly covey the amount of joy and gratitude in my very pores right now. I bought a bed last week. An actual fabric headboard - had to be put together - expensive bed.

Why is that so relevant? It's my first actual bed as an adult. My whole life I only had mattresses, box springs and rails for my bed. It wasn't that i couldn't afford the luxury of a good bed, it was just I had so many other priorities with the kids that I made it a conscious sacrifice.

Being grateful and showing gratitude is the highest vibration you can emit. It is a sure way to get out of any funk or bad mood, just think of everything you are grateful for.

My mother used to say, God doesn't bless you with a mansion until you are grateful for the shack. I understand that and have seen that statement ring true in my life. Even though we have moved around quite a bit, we always stair stepped to a better situation.

Gratitude is a blessing for humans. I don't believe God needs our thankfulness or our gratefulness to be God. I don't even believe it is the origin of blessings. It just feels so good. Who doesn't want to feel good? Try it.

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