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How Reiki Works

How Reiki Works

The Practitioner channels Source (God) energy specifically for healing. The Practitioner has been connected to this energy through an ancient Japanese initiation ceremony.

The client will lay flat to receive reiki. The practitioner uses their hands to target energy centers in the body by placing their hands in the aura of the client’s body. (An aura is the energy field around the body. There is no touching involved) Client will relax with eyes closed and focus on paying attention to whatever emotional and/or physical effects come up.

The Reiki energy rids the body of blockages that cause emotional, mental and/or physical harm. It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour for a full session. It usually takes more than one session to clear an issue. It is not painful at all. Clients usually have positive experiences but it can cause an emotional release such as crying while blockages are being cleared.

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