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How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Some people believe in Magic, some don’t. Because there is evidence of paranormal events and activity and because there are unexplainable occurrences in this world no one can say for sure that magic does or does not exist. Magic is one of those things that operates in faith. And so does crystal use.

Crystals are minerals that form into a crystalline shape based on their chemical composition. Due to the tightly packed shape of their atoms, their vibrations are more uniformed and stable. Coincidentally, we are made of atoms and minerals as well which allows us to connect to their energy. They have the power to influence what is already inside of us. This influence is very subtle so the idea of connecting with these different energies is to aid in our awareness or increase of a specific energy. 

No, crystals are not miracle workers. They simply help us help ourselves. Here is the thing about magic. Since magic is based in faith, Crystal healing is based on intention. Your energy feeds off of the crystals’ energy and vice versa. The effectiveness of the crystal is based on what the owner thinks about it, therefore, crystal users often develop rituals surrounding their crystal interactions. 

Certain crystals have stronger impressions for certain problems and areas of healing. Basically, the matches of energetic patterns base their evidence for accuracy in hear-say that continues to be verified by crystal users. This is not based in scientific data so it not a proven fact. 

It is up to the crystal user to decide what use of the crystal is best for them. The best thing to do is to google the spiritual properties of the crystals before you choose them. My personal routine is to choose crystals through intuition. I let the crystal decide which one I need by following the pull towards it. Then, I set the intention and activate the energy of the crystal. 

Some people use the list of approaches from the above picture to activate their crystals but you can honestly do something as simple as speak to the crystal to activate it, which is what I do. “Hey, crystal. Please do the thing that you do so well to help me with the thing I need help with. Thank you.” It works! 

Usually, crystal users keep crystals close to them after activation. Some put them in their pockets, some sleep with them under their pillows or under their beds and some have decorative pouches that they keep the crystals in and placed them in their purses or bags. Me, personally? I like to keep my crystals in my bra, right over my heart. It’s not comfortable all of the time to have this big rock pressing against your breast but I feel like it is most effective when it is close to my skin and as a bonus, I keep it there so I don’t lose it. 

My crystals are my friends. I talk to them and feed off their energy. I can literally feel the energy of the crystal inside of me and intermingling with my energy. We get on the same wave length and it effects my actions and thoughts. After two or three uses, my crystals usually have to be recharged but that may not be the case for everyone. 

You can use anyone of the rituals in the picture to recharge your crystals and you can make the ritual around it to be whatever you desire it to be. Crystal usage is based on your intentions, not the specific action.

My favorite is thing to do to recharge my crystals is to set them in the moonlight for a couple of nights. Some people believe that crystals can only be charged under a full moon but I know people who have buried their crystals in dirt outside for a few days and they have said that the free ions in the soil charged their Crystals. 

It is up to you how you want to recharge your crystals. Your ritual can be as extravagant as you like or as simple as dropping a charged crystal whose job is to charge other crystals into a bowl of crystals that need to charged and calling it a day. These little rocks can be your own personal assistants in healing and living a better life.  

- Aisha the Goddess

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