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How To Sage

How to use Sage:

Different sages have different purposes. The smoke from sage affects the ions in the air causing a change in the chemical composition of the atmosphere. This has an effect on the spirit world.

If you are planning to smudge the first thing you should do is pick a Sage. White sage is the most popular smudge to use. It gets rid of negative energy.

Light your sage evenly, allowing the end of the sage to completely burn until its only glowing embers. Go around the house walking from room to room with your sage. Start at the front of the house and work your way to the back of the house.

Hold the sage in your hand or you can fan the smoke with a feather. Be sure to allow the smoke to get in all the corners of the rooms, bathrooms, closets, and storage spaces. Walk clockwise around your rooms.

While performing this ceremony, your intention is very important. Focus on removing stagnant and negative energy from your space. You can say a prayer if you want. You can do an incantation or repeat positive affirmations.

Finish smudging by opening the back door or window and allowing the smoke to drift out of it. This signifies that the negative energy is no longer in the space.

Extinguish your Sage by pressing it into an Abalone shell, fire proof container, or ashtray and as always, express gratitude for the spiritual gifts at your disposal.

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