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If Only Thoughts Had An Off Switch

When people think of meditation they often conjure images in their head of little bald-headed monks sitting cross legged with orange and red robes draped over them.

They have misconceptions that meditating means you have to completely stop thinking and you have to make yourself stop thinking.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of meditation practitioners who have the ability to completely empty their mind, or should I say to allow their mind to completely empty.

This does not always come easy to the average person and that is OK. Developing a spiritual path is about taking the time out to figure out what works best for you.

The biggest key to meditation is understanding that the mind will not stop thinking just by “will” alone.

That’s like telling a monkey to sit down and be still. You’re actually stimulating the monkey to run around when you’re talking to it.

If you are new to meditation the first thing I want to say to you is “Congratulations! Hope you enjoy the journey!” The second thing I want to say to you is, do not be hard on yourself. It is ok if you don’t get it the first time. Meditation embodies an aspect of self-discipline that is beneficial regardless of whether you succeed or fail at meditating.

Meditation is very much used for quiet time, self reflection, and observance of the mind. If praying is talking to God, then meditation, is listening to God. You can’t hear what God has to say if you don’t shut up sometime.

As a meditation practitioner that has been meditating for over 10 years, I have learned some tips along the way. I will share the biggest tip that I have learned. It is not as deep as you might think it is. My tip for you is do not try to turn your brain off, instead, focus on your breath and observe your thoughts. The more you observe your autonomic thoughts, the more you will realize that they function without your consent, and even your awareness.

You don’t necessarily have to use Eastern rooted meditation music from YouTube to achieve a state of peace and focus either. It can be a Selection of music that you have held near and dear to your heart and has sentimental value to you. That is going to unlock your subconscious and your inner resources at a quicker rate than listening to something that you cannot relate to.

One of my favorite songs to meditate to is called The last dragon, and it is on the soundtrack to the movie The Last Dragon. This song brings me into a zen-like state, and into a focus of reconnecting with the spiritual, energetic side of myself. It holds a deep significance from my childhood and re-centers me when life piles on the stress.

Try selecting a good song and focusing on whatever you want, for however long of a time you want. Just remember to take deep breaths, relax, and enjoy the journey.

Namaste, Family,

Aisha the Goddess

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