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It's Not That Deep

The spiritual path is serious business…but not really. Yeah, it is a lot of information that can be incorporated into your life but if you allow the ego to be in charge it just turns into another “thing” to accomplish.

I read a post one day that said, be careful not to use your spirituality as a badge to decorate your ego” and I had to sit down and ponder what that meant. Basically, it means, don’t think you are better than somebody because you have information that they don’t. That is defeating the whole purpose of receiving spiritual information.

On the spiritual path, you learn that separateness is an illusion and we are all really one. We are interconnected because we are all made up of the same stuff and it is literally in everything we are, do see and feel. The stuff that we bring, everything we touch, all vibrations are made up of the same stuff.

This life is a game of hide and seek with truth but truth is a lousy hider. It is hiding behind a tree with a big butt poking out. It is always easy to find. It just depends on who is looking for it. In this life, we usually don’t even know there is a “truth” to be discovered so how can you fault someone who doesn’t go searching for it?

Plus, nothing is ever lost once you find it. There is no such thing as losing peace of mind. It is just momentarily misplaced. We often freak out because we don’t like negative feelings but we have to learn not to go where our minds leads. The mind is quick to jump off of a cliff. Don’t go with it! That ill moment will and always does pass. If we stay in the truth that it is just a bad temporary moment in time, that is how we keep our peace of mind. But, even if it we feed into the madness of the mind, peace of mind WILL return eventually. You can never completely lose peace, joy or happiness. It is there, we have just shifted the focus away from it and what’s worse, if we believe that it is gone forever, we have just created that reality for ourselves.

The seeds you plant are the ones that will grow. More plainly put, energy flows where attention goes.

-Aisha the Goddess

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