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Low Vibrational Plates of People

Why is watching something like Dahmer not a good idea?

Watching something like Dahmer on netflix will actively trigger a vibration in you that you don’t want to feel.

Now, you are horrified, angry, outraged.

And the Universe will say oh, that’s what you want?

Okay, Here’s more things to outrage and anger you.

The Universe matches your vibration.

What I mean by Universe is the energy of creation. It is governed by certain laws and whether you know it or not, you are a creator. It’s programmed in you to create your life.

You do that with your thoughts and emotions.

The only way you can get around something low vibrational affecting you is to become so aware of your vibration that you actively choose to feel a certain way.

Unfortunately, my emotions are autonomic, meaning, they happen without your control. This keeps trauma and ptsd attached to your energy field which leads to mental, emotional and physical illness.

Create the life you want by actively seeking people, places and things that match the vibration that feels the best.

Happy Healing,


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