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Buddha, Jesus, and Vishnu walk into a bar…

I was reprimanded for my views about Buddha the other day.

I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful, I simply pointed out Buddha’s circumstances to achieving enlightenment. He didn’t have family or job. He had to time to seek enlightenment.

I was corrected. He was rich and he left his family and his riches to seek answers.

But he could do that. He was rich enough and selfish enough to leave his wife and kids and not have a concern on how they turned out.

Then he left instruction for us. I am supposed to do something he could not. Achieve enlightenment with my family and within society by following his teachings to the letter.

Jesus came here with a purpose and his example and teachings are a good instruction too but, I have a different purpose and path than the both of them so what I do is pull out the aspects of the positive attributes that I need and apply it to my own life.

I’m grateful they did what they did and they went through what they went through to leave breadcrumbs for my path behind but, I don’t follow anyone to the letter. That’s just me.

I pull positive examples from my mothers life and apply them to my own. To me, my mother is just as much a divine being as Buddha and Jesus because she came from the same source.

Putting those who we feel have achieved a spiritual state of success on a pedestal further reinforces the judgements of better than or lesser than that my two examples I mentioned above, actually, preach against.

We all can use guidance but don’t get lost in someone else’s path. Find your own.

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