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Spiritual Progression on the Path

The thing about spiritual progression is the Universe will send you what matches your energy. It recognizes our waking up process and the assistance of unseen influences is an advantage that is readily accessible.

When we receive a new spiritual theory, it is an invitation to release an old patterned idea. The process of releasing to receive is repeated over and over on the path.

The higher the elevation, the less the ego is fed and the nourishment, instead, starts awakening the soul. Concepts will change and evolve while beliefs will be less and less of a necessity. This path is never to be looked at as the higher or the better path, because, it looks different for each soul.

Information is subjective in its need to be retained.

Do not cling to your belief because it gives you comfort. Attachment and fear are egoic traits.

New information may come along that is completely unfamiliar. But, did it catch your attention? Hmmm, what? What does that say? Then, you read it again and you’re contemplating because you’ve never heard that before. The Universe will, then, send you a book, a tv show, a person or some apparent sign that will mention the very same concept you just learned. You’ll begin to see the synchronicities. Synchronicities are clear signs from the universe that are meant for only you to see and interpret. They are telling you, you are on the right track! Keep going!

When you pay attention, you can see the Universe conspiring in your favor to help you grow.

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