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The Real of Infinite Possibilities

Choice makes possibility, reality.

For example, if a kid asks for a cookie and you say no, then, is it fact that the possibility of you saying “yes” existed?

The answer is Yes. You cannot have one choice without the other, therefore, both choices are in existence. They don’t literally exist because they don’t exist on the manifested plane we call reality. They exist in the space and time between a thought and when a thought becomes reality. This is called the realm of infinite possibilities.

Matter is unmanifested but the potential for whatever is to be manifested has already been created. The cookie exists regardless because you had to actually think about the cookie existing before you could make the decision to give it away, so the potential for the cookie potentially creates the reality for the cookie and your choice confirms it and brings it into manifestation...or not.

We are ultimately creating our own realities as we go along. Every time we make a choice, we come to a fork in the road and choose what happens next. Before we got here, we gave ourselves a blue print of where to go and what choices to make and even programmed this computer simulation called reality.

However, we when actually get here and forget all this aforementionedness that is when it gets interesting. We begin to make choices and sometimes, they lead away from our original design. The design is still there. It is just in the realm of possibilities. So, how do you know that you are on the right path and making the right choices?

It will just feel right. You will just know.

-Aisha the Goddess

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