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Water Is For Fires

I got cussed out last night. I will spare you the ungodly details but I will say that it was not my fault that this woman came to be upset.

She was angry at my daughter regarding plans for her daughter to hang with my kids. I got on the phone because I could see she was about to get loud with a 22 year which I felt was uncalled for. Young adults do not have the wisdom and the proper discernment to make good decisions, so as the parent, I stepped in and took responsibility for what had transpired.

This lady called me everything but a child of God. I was a ‘bitch ass parent’, I was a parent who didn’t give a damn about my children and so on and so on. I let the matron vent for seven to eight minutes before I stepped to assure her that her daughter wouldn’t have been without adult supervision.

I hadn’t known about the plan our kids hatched until just before the phone call but I knew that my grown daughter had decided to chaperone the event so that her daughter wouldn’t be without adult supervision at my insistence. Do you think she cared? She called my daughter and I a thousand liars and accused us of putting her daughter’s life in danger.

She stated that she was very worried about her daughter getting raped or killed and that is why she didn’t let her go places. She also told me she was a Christian and I had gotten her out of her character.

The thing I noticed the most was the level of fear that she had about life and negative situations. Unfortunately, the law of attraction is a real thing and my daughter pointed out that something might’ve happened in the past that led to this mind set. Since I couldn’t get a word in edgewise I could not tell her that she will never be able to prevent or control events. I doubt she would have believed me anyway but I couldn’t help but observe the contradiction between worry and faith. Aren’t Christians supposed to trust God in prayer and thanksgiving to take care of them and their loved ones?

I am not going to lie, I don’t understand that level of fear but I knew it was real to her. I don’t understand how you can lose control of your emotions but I do know that is normal for most people. I do know that how someone treats you doesn’t have anything to do with you and everything to do with them.

My daughter said to me, “Mom, you don’t have to take that. Why don’t you just hang up the phone?” She was right. I didn’t have to take anything. I don’t owe anyone anything. After I evaluated the situation, I came to the conclusion that my own child was at fault so I felt the least I could do was let the woman vent because she was not giving me the opportunity to do anything else.

I told my daughter, “You don’t put out a fire with fire. You put out a fire with water.”

They don’t teach that in church? I am a child of God too, yet, this woman was trying to verbally brow beat me for something I had nothing to do with. There was no love, no compassion, no understanding, only ego telling her it was okay to hurt and disrespect a stranger because she felt hurt and disrespected.

There was nothing I could do to help. She vented until she hung up in my face and it was over. My daughter energy was fidgety as she expressed that she could not have stayed as calm and collective throughout the exchange.

It is funny how I’m considered the heathen because I don’t claim to be chained to one religious organization but I can still extend patience and kindness even when it is not deserved.

My take away was to pray for her because I have often seen mothers be overprotective and overbearing and it always backfires. There were things I knew about her daughter that she didn’t that I could have used as ammunition to shut her up and even turn her whole world upside down but I didn’t. I know everything comes to light eventually and she is not prepared at the moment for her inevitable fate regarding her child’s secrets.

I do want to express on this platform that the energy we put out, as humans, has an effect on the entire planet. This is why the entire planet is engulfed in fear and negativity. I wish they would teach this in church and maybe Christians, particularly, like this one I encountered would be more mindful of what they say and what energy they present to the world.

Y’all take care Namaste,

Aisha the Goddess

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