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Your Truth Is Yours Alone

Truth is entirely personal and from a personal perspective. Fact is subjective as well. People often believe fact is something that can be proven and opinion is something you feel but really, how can anything be proven? Language is, in fact, what gives fact validity.

For example, science tells us that the basic building blocks of matter are called atoms. Inside atoms are electrons, protons and neutrons. We accept this as fact but the fact is a man, a human, with an imagination DECIDED that these things were what they were. He, whomever he is, named an electron an electron. Protons were named protons and so on and so on.

This is why spiritualists are quick to say we create our reality. We are the ones that discover, decide what is what, and present it.

We could have left it at “we are made of unknown stuff and held together by unknown stuff” and guess what? That would be “fact”. Information is how we, as humans, have evolved and continue to evolve. The more information we have discovered, the more we have applied it to certain areas. Years ago, humans just KNEW that the earth was flat. Then, we conducted scientific research and came to the conclusion that the earth is round. (Unless you are a flat earther who feels like science lied but that’s another story.)

Years ago, we just KNEW that the sun revolved around the earth and the earth was the center of the universe but our perspective changed with advances in technology. Now, we know that we are one of many planets in one of many solar systems in one of many galaxies. As knowledge grows, facts change, so is it really a fact in the first place?

On the spiritual path, it is good to keep an open mind as new information is presented. Everything you have known to be true, someone had to either tell you about it, you saw it somewhere, you read it or you learned about from another human, including your views on God. Most of the time, we accept them as fact and do not question how true they really are. 

Here is the thing, since no one person on this planet has irrefutable evidence of even God’s existence, it is impossible to know who is right and who is wrong.

You can be wrong, I can be wrong. At least if you decide for yourself you are being true to yourself. Truth is entirely personal and from a personal perspective. Your truth and your neighbor’s truth might be entirely different. That is why you can’t go wrong if you look within and follow your own heart.


-Aisha the Goddess

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