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Ego problems but not really

The ego is the protector of the mind, body, soul trinity. It is rooted in fear, fear of others judgment, fear of being exposed, fear of vulnerability, and fear of not being in control. It wants to control every aspect so you can suffer less, only instead, it makes you suffer more, because the reality is, the only control you have is the way you respond and the way you feel. But the ego encourages you to look outside yourself and focus on the other person instead of yourself. The ego acts like a guard dog to your soul but it is a shitty guard dog because every trauma goes right through it to your soul.

The more you go inside and deal with this aspect of self the more you will react from your soul and not your ego. Ego will always be there but it will now work with you, not against you. The ego and the soul are the extreme representations of duality that are inside of us. Duality is a universal law. It’s wired into us and it plays out like the angel and the devil that sit on our shoulders.

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